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flexible cancellation policy.

In this uncertain environment, we understand that you may appreciate some added flexibility. To that end, we’ve updated our transfer policy.

For added peace of mind, before your balance due date you can transfer your booking as many times as you like, to any holiday on sale. See our policy page for full details.

See cancellation policy

future cruise credit.

If you are unable to cruise due to a positive Covid-19 test within 14 days of sailing, we’re pleased to say you’ll receive a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) to the value of the cruise and we will automatically refund any pre-cruise purchases made through My Cunard.

Remember!  If you travel with your family or friends, please advise your travel agency at least 1 month prior to  your sailing date.


As we prepare to return to sea, we’re combining over 180 years’ experience with the expertise of foremost accredited scientists, medical professionals and government advisors to deliver the signature Cunard holiday you expect.

Discover this protocols

These protocols include enhanced sanitation measures, appropriate social distancing and the mandatory wearing of face masks in certain areas of the ship. All guests will need to comply with this face mask policy in order to travel. Crew will also undergo a strict testing and quarantine regime as well as regular testing during their time on board. Our protocols are subject to change, as we will continue to work with our experts and with government bodies to ensure all of our practices evolve in line with latest advice, with our primary focus always being to protect the health and well-being of our crew and guests and the communities we visit.

Although the exact measures may change as the advice continues to evolve, you can have the confidence that we will have in place pre-booking and boarding health screening, the highest levels of cleanliness throughout our ships, as well as approved standards for the service of food and drink, entertainment and experiences on board and on shore.

For years, we have had in place many of the protocols now considered advisable for other social gathering venues, such as hand-sanitising stations and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting procedures. For years, we have also gone beyond those protocols by asking guests to complete a health declaration form and having a comprehensive medical facility on board each ship providing 24/7 medical care and treatment and this will, of course, continue across the fleet.


For future cruises.

UK voyages for UK guests only.

When we first return to sailing, we will be offering a series of UK voyages on board Queen Elizabeth (up to and including departures through until 1 October 2021). Given the advanced progress of the UK vaccination programme, and strong expressed preference on the part of our guests for this limited series of UK Summer at Sea voyages, these sailings will be for UK resident, Covid-19 vaccinated, guests only.

For these voyages the definition of “vaccinated” is a minimum of seven days following the second dose of the currently approved Covid-19 vaccines being administered. Proof of vaccination and the dates given will be required (approved forms of evidence will be confirmed closer to time of departure) and this will be required to be shown at the terminal prior to boarding. Failure to provide this evidence will result in denial of boarding at your own expense. There is no age restriction on this series of UK Summer at Sea voyages but all guests of all ages must meet the requirements of the Covid-19 vaccination policy.

All other voyages.

All other Cunard holidays on sale do not currently require guests to be vaccinated (all voyages departing on Queen Elizabeth on or after 2 October, departing on Queen Mary 2 on or after 13 November and departing on Queen Victoria on or after 28 August).

As the vaccine roll out progresses and the UK government has announced its intended roadmap for the future, the guidance is continually evolving. Pre-embarkation Covid-19 tests may be required as part of our framework of protocols and will be included in the price of your holiday. We will update this page as necessary and update all guests prior to their holiday departure date. Please do ensure that your preferences and details are up to date in My Cunard.

If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be denied boarding. You will receive a Future Cruise Credit for the value of the cruise thatyou booked and we will refund any previous purchases you made through My Cunard. If you are traveling with other people, your friends or family may also opt for this policy. This way, you can enjoy your vacation whenever you can.

Working with Bureau Veritas.

Bureau Veritas is a world-leading provider in marine and offshore testing, inspection and certification. To ensure the highest level of independent and specialist expertise on all health and hygiene standards, Bureau Veritas has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic, which is recognised as the leader in this field.

Cunard is working with Bureau Veritas to conduct a comprehensive review of our operations before we resume sailing. This will ensure we are fully compliant with the UK Government, UK Chamber of Shipping and other recognised and relevant standards, as required, to protect the health and well-being of crew, guests, and the communities we visit.

The programme will include simulation exercises to audit all aspects in practice.


We are committed to delivering the highest standards of health, safety and well-being for our guests, crew and the wider communities we visit.

to achieve this:

  • Every area of the ship will be rigorously and regularly cleaned and disinfected
  • We’ll provide additional hand-sanitising stations
  • We have enhanced our on board ventilation systems to provide improved filtration and increased fresh air on board
  • We’ll adhere to approved, up to date, guidance for every aspect of the holiday experience, including the mandatory use of face masks and social distancing, which will be in place in certain areas
  • We will be operating initially with a reduced occupancy on our ships to support our new protocols
  • Crew will undergo a strict testing and quarantine regime as well as regular testing during their time on board.



My insurance won’t cover me for Covid-19, can I still travel with you? 

We strongly recommend you obtain comprehensive travel insurance including cover for Covid-19 prior to travel with Cunard.

I have requested a large table for dining and enjoy sitting with other guests.  Do I need to change my booking? How?

Only persons staying in the same stateroom and/or persons from the same household or same traveling unit dine at the same table.

Do I need to book my dining daily? Can I still confirm 1st / 2nd dining in advance?

You may be asked to pre-book your table in advance and while the guidance may evolve prior to your holiday, the current guidance is for households/traveling groups to dine together with no other guests.

How and when can I book dining, on board activities, spa and entertainment? How will booking priority be determined for dining, entertainment and activities?

Reference what can be booked on MyCunard now – Reactive statement for others

Dining, spa, salon, children’s clubs and activities on board will be subject to the latest guidance to minimise contact and reduce the number of guests in each area. All of these may be bookable and further details will be available shortly.

Can I pick what time I embark? What happens if I arrive late/ early for embarkation? 

As before, we will give all guests a specific embarkation time and we would ask that these are adhered to in order to allow for extended time in the terminal for health screening. If a guest arrives early we will ask them to wait outside the terminal and if they arrive late we will endeavor to allow them to proceed to boarding as soon as there is space available.

I have a booking and no longer wish to travel due to the changes on board.  What are my options?

Your cancelation would be subject to the standard cancelation policy.

Will all guests be tested for Covid-19 prior to boarding?​

All guests will be subject to a Covid-19 test prior to boarding. .

I, or someone in my party, has been refused boarding, what are my options?​

If one of your party has been refused boarding on the grounds of medical/Covid-19 then we would suggest they claim through their travel insurance. The particular policy taken will determine whether it covers all members of the group

Will I be allowed to board if I have been in contact with someone who has been self-isolating or has symptoms? 

If you have been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 symptoms or has been self-isolating in the days prior to your cruise you will not be permitted to board the ship.

I have an underlying medical condition, is it safe for me to travel?  Will I be denied boarding?​

Guests who require mechanical ventilator support (including CPAP for sleep apnea), require supplemental oxygen (cylinders or concentrators) or have been advised to self-isolate under a government track and trace screen will not be allowed to board.

It is understood that those with certain pre-existing medical conditions or of a certain age may experience more severe symptoms should they contract Covid-19 (coronavirus).  We strongly recommend that you review the UK Government guidance prior to making travel arrangements. If you have any existing medical conditions, we advise you to discuss your travel plans with your doctor.

I have had an anti-body test / I have already had Covid-19, do I have to follow the same rules as everyone else who hasn’t?

Yes all guests, even if they have had an anti-body test or have already had Covid-19, will have to adhere to the current guidance and pre boarding screening.

Will the price of my cruise go down because the cruise is not the same / as good as it was when I booked it?

Your Cunard holiday will still have all the elements as previously but with a few reassuring changes to protect the health and wellbeing of all guests and crew.


How long will it take to board initially, and will there be long delays at every port? Will there be health checks at every port? What will they be?

We hope that the pre boarding screening will be an efficient process which will enable guests to board the ship and start their holiday as soon as possible.

Temperature checks and/or health screening may be conducted in ports of call after guests have been on shore and may vary according to the destination.

Will all the restaurants be open?​

We expect all the restaurants to be open although you may be asked to pre-book. 

Will the swimming pools be in use?​

Yes the pools will be in use but will be subject to limited numbers of swimmers (will vary according to ship/pool size).

Until when will these protocols be in place?​

These protocols will be in place until government guidance changes and we will adapt and evolve accordingly

Are there any differences with Fly Cruising? ​ 

Fly/cruises will be subject to the same stringent pre cruise, pre-flight and pre-boarding screening protocols

Have you improved the ventilation and air circulation on board the ships?

We have enhanced our on-board ventilation systems to provide improved filtration and increased fresh air. 

Will guests be expected to wear face masks on the ship and on shore?​

Everyone on board will need to adhere to the most up-to-date guidance regarding the use of face-coverings and social distancing which will be in place in all public areas and also on shore experiences where local rules to this effect are in place

What happens if there is an outbreak onboard?

Our comprehensive new protocols are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of all our guests and crew. We have plans in place, tailored for each ship, to manage medical needs, including dedicated cabin capacity for isolation should this be required

Will I be compensated if the itinerary changes during the cruise?​

If there is a significant itinerary change due to Covid-19 or other unavoidable circumstances then compensation is unlikely to be due although guests may attempt to claim on their travel insurance

Can I reasonably social distance onboard, e.g. what about in a corridor?​

Social distancing guidance will be in place throughout the ship including in stateroom corridors and all public areas

I am a wheelchair user, will I be given priority e.g. for lifts?​

Guests in wheelchairs and those who need to use the lifts for other reasons will of course be able to do so

I am exempt from wearing a mask / These rules don’t apply to me.​

If a guest has a medical condition which prevents them from wearing a face covering then this should be declared prior to and at time of boarding with the necessary doctor’s certification.

How can you be sure that the crew are not going to give me Covid-19?

These new enhanced health protocols are in place to protect the health and wellbeing of all guests and crew. Crew will be subject to the same screening and guidance as guests as well as regular medical checks.


Why can't I explore independently? Why can't I leave the ship without booking a shore experience?

In line with the approved health protocols all shore experiences will be on organised excursions only using vetted operators who will be subject to regular testing and ongoing guidance.

Our shore experience operators will be subject to new screening and guidance/ temperature checks/and or health screening may be carried out prior to boarding the ship after time on shore.


Will these protocols apply to guests who are residents outside the UK?​

All guests will be subject to the same protocols.    

Are you working with health advisory bodies and government bodies outside the UK?​

As a British registered company we are working with and subject to the UK Government guidance. We do, however, work closely with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA, the world’s largest cruise industry trade association) the global governing body for the cruise industry and our parent company, Carnival CCL and associated brands to ensure there is the right level of consistency of protocols.

This information is vague, when will it become more specific?​

Our cruises are currently paused until early 2021. It is likely that the current guidance will evolve closer to the time of sailing and all guests with bookings will be advised of the latest advice and screening measures. This will also be available on the website and updated as necessary. 

What have you based this advice on if the FCO is still saying that cruising is unsafe?

The framework of enhanced protocols outlined on our website has been supported by the UK Government; Department for Transport; Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA, the world’s largest cruise industry trade association); EU Healthy Gateways and public health agencies

How will you deal with people who flout the guidance? ​

All guests will be expected to adhere to the guidance on board and crew will be available for any questions or help

If I have travelled on a coach / plane with someone who is denied boarding, are you going to cancel my holiday?​

Social distancing will be in place on the coaches to the cruise terminal. Therefore, unless the person who is denied boarding is a family member or member of your household you will, if you clear all pre boarding screening, be allowed to travel.

Will the same measures be in place for the pre-cruise elements of my holiday, e.g. my hotel that I booked through you?

Each hotel may have varying guidance and we would ask all guests to adhere to this advice.