cunard honeymoons

A wonderful experience on board our Queens

white star service

Traveling aboard Cunard is something unique and special that will fill your honeymoon with elegance. Both for its history and its current achievements, at cunard we like to attend to all your needs in a special way and with an unbeatable treatment, with the White Star service.

Discover here the Grills Experience

Nights full of magic

Live music, unique shows, ballroom dancing and all the elegance characteristic of cunard awaits you.

the perfect honeymoon

1. Choose the itinerary that best suits your tastes.

Do you prefer an adventure destination? Would you like more a destination where you can relax completely?

2. Choose now the cruise company you prefer.

Each cruise company has unique options and packages that will make your journey unique and special

3. It's time to choose a cabin!

You only get married once in your life, so without a doubt, we recommend you to choose the luxury of a Suite or a cabin with a balcony. This will be your "little" private oasis for the duration of your honeymoon.

4. Take into account the dates on which to travel

It is very important, depending on the destination you have chosen, that you choose some dates or others. Taking into account the time of year of the destination, possible monsoons etc.

5. Let us know that you are getting married!

In this way, we can improve your travel experience and make it more personalized.

6. It is a very special occasion, you can choose a boat with areas only for adults.

Many of the cruise companies have ships with areas only for adults, where you can relax while sailing and enjoy unique and special moments.

7. Surprise your partner with a romantic package

Ask to decorate your cabin, book a dinner at a Specialty Restaurant, enjoy a couple massage for two ...

8. Remember to book your specialty dinners.

You will always have most of the restaurants on board included, but if you want a more unique touch, take advantage and book a dinner at any of the specialty restaurants.

9. Take a look at the itinerary beforehand and book the excursions that appeal to you the most

You are going to have a complete experience on board, now it's time to have a complete experience on land. Discover new cultures, gastronomy and much more ...

10. Do you know that you can renew your vows on the high seas?

You have just gotten married, but if you wish to complete your trip 100%, you can renew your vows on board and have the ceremony officiate by none other than the Captain!

DETAils that make the difference

You will receive welcome champagne and on our ships you will be able to do activities as a couple such as massages, go to dinner at specialty restaurants, dance classes, fencing and many more.