cunard line

what's included in my cruise?

prices include

  • Accomodation in double stateroom in the selected category
  • Full board
  • Water (not bottled), coffee, tea all day and juices on breakfast
  • Access and use of the ship facilities
  • Assistance to all shows on board
  • Gratuities



  • Drinks in bars and restaurants not mentioned in the previous section
  • Terrestrial services of any kind
  • Shore excursiones
  • Aerial transportation


How do I make a reservation? 
To book your vacation with Cunard, contact us calling 91 290 18 45 or send and email to

How do I book a cruise for a group? 
If you wish to book a cruise for a gropu, call us at 91 290 18 45 or send an email to In group reservation, we offer the guests some extras as: pre-paid gratuities, on board credits, bottle of wine etc. 

Can I change my reservation? 
Changes of reservation made after the deposit and before the emission of travel documents can carry the aplication of administrative fares and service comissions.Administrative fares and service comissions may vary depending on the kind of change on the sailing date cruise, the itinerary, the terrestrial package, hotel or aditional aerial fares. 

Guests may pay for any aditional cost that turns out of this modifications. Some changes, including the change of name, can also be interpreted as a cancellation, so the corresponding fares may apply.

The guest will be responsible of any changes on the reservation that makes the impossition of the airline fares or other kind of cancellation fares. Refunds will not be made due to lack of use or partial use of terrestrial programmes, aerials or cruise, including shore excursions, unless the contract inicates otherwise 

What's a waiting list?
This means that you are in a wait list because there is no available space in the wanted category. A waiting list does not guarantee the space until its availability is confirmed.

My bill says that I hace a guaranteed cabin. What does that mean and why don't I have a cabin number? 
The guaranteed cabin means you don't have a cabin number asigned, but you are guaranteed that you will sail in that cruise. The room asignation may take place anytime until the day of the cruise.


My cruise requires visas. Can I stay on board while we are at port and not get the visas?
If the cruise require visas, you must get them independently. Embark may be denied if you don't get them.

Why does my passport have to be valid 6 months from the disembark date?
We demand guests to have a valid passport 6 months from the disembark date in order to do all our itineraries. It is just as precaution in case an unforeseen circumstance occurs, such as a medical emergency that makes you stay on port longer than expected.

promotions & conditions

Are there special offers?

There are special fares with important discounts in some cruises selected by the navy company

What are the conditions for 3rd and 4th passenger?

3rd and 4th passenger have a price with a 50% discount (aprox) of the price of the 1st and 2nd passengers, it doesn't matter if they are adults or children.

Third and Fourth beds are usually beds hidden in the ceiling of the cabin or on the walls.

pecularities and trip restrictions

Can I travel with children under 18?
Children must have at list 6 months old at the embark day or at least 12 months old if the cruise includes 3 or more navigation days.

Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 18 and be in the same stateroom as the under 18 and occupy the same stateroom.

¿What is the additional charge for single occupation?
An additional charge for single occupation of 200% of the stateroom fare or the double occupancy suite will be charged. Call 912901845 or send an email to  to know the current promotions.

Can I sail with Cunard if I am pregnant? 
Cunard Cruises will not accept passengers on the 24th week of their pregnancy at the time of starting the cruise or any other time of the cruise.

Are animals allowed on board? 
Yes. There are kennels so your best friend can play and a walking zone in one of the decks.

Can I carry a wheelchair/scooter on board? 
Yes, as long as they are collapsible and its width does not exceed 22 inches.

on board

Can I embark. disembark or get back to the ship in a different port?

Due to constant changes of the laws, and with the desire of providing you the most updated information, we can send a petition of an alternative port in your name to embark, disembark or get back to the ship in a different port aproximately 6 months before the start/finish date you requested, as long as some requirements are met:

- Final reservation payment has been made (either deposit or final payment). 
- The Guest Registration Form must be completed on the reservation, including nationality and passport information. 
-The answer to this request may take 7 working days.

Can I smoke on board?

Yes, but only in designated areas. It is forbbiden to smoke on the cabins or balconies. If you wish to smoke a cigar or pipe, you can do so at Churchill's Cigar Lounge. Permitted areas for each ship are:

  • Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria: opened spaces at decks 3 and 10 and at the Churchills Lounge
  • Queen Mary 2: opened spaces at deck 7

You will find designated areas where smoking is permitted clearly signposted on board.

What is the dress code?

Recommended drees code on board is casual. For dinner we suggest you to dress elegant, especially if it is a gala night. Please, don't go to restaurants past 18:oo hours in jeans, shorts, t-shirts, caps or sport shoes.

What kind of plugs does the stateroom have?
Staterooms have american plugs of 110 and 220 W. We recommend you to bring an adapter and a multiple socket, so you can plug more than 1 device at a time.

Is there laundry service on board?

Yes, there is laundry service in all Cunard ships. It has washing machines, dryers, detergent and iron.

Do I have internet access?

There is no free internet, yet there exist internet packages available on board to purchase. Still, you have to consider that if you are in international waters it is probably that the internet connexion will be slow.