With the new Queen Anne, anything is possible!

Onboard credit included on select cruises


Cunard has once again outdone itself, constantly refining and enhancing the luxury oceangoing experience, announcing the company's newest ship to join its renowned fleet.

Onboard Queen Anne returns our beloved newly designed exclusive spaces from across the fleet, and also introduces new dining, cultural and entertainment experiences. Be inspired by the combination of old and new. Together with a team of world-renowned designers, we have created a ship designed with distinction and reimagined the travel experience.

Embark on the elegance and luxury of this ship, where every moment becomes unforgettable.

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The most outstanding destinations

NORTh cape

Discover the land of the midnight sun and embark on a dream journey.

  • Departures 2024: June 13 and October 15, 2024
  • 10 and 13-day cruise 
  • Roundtrip from Southampton 
  • Aboard the Queen Anne
  • Onboard credit included
  • Gratuities included

From 1.776€

norwegian fjords

Discover Norway among fjords and fall in love with the natural beauty of the place.

  • Departures 2024: June 23rd, August 11th and September 1st. 
  • 8 days and 10 days cruises
  • Roundtrip from Southampton 
  • Aboard Queen Anne
  • Onboard credit included on departures June 23 and September 1
  • Gratuities included

From 1.257€ 


Immerse yourself in the beauty of this island and discover volcanoes, geysir and magnificent waterfalls and cascades.

  • Departures 2024: July 14 with possibility of embarkation in Kiel.
  • 15-day and 18-day cruises
  • Roundtrip from Southampton 
  • Aboard Queen Anne
  • Onboard credit included in the 15-day voyage
  • Gratuities included

From 1.748€

british islands

Discover picturesque ports, remote islands, nature and history.

  • Departures 2024: May 24, July 11 and July 14
  • 15 and 18-day cruises 
  • Roundtrip from Southampton 
  • Aboard Queen Anne
  • Onboard credit included on departures May 24 and July 14
  • Gratuities included

From 1.748€


Discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites and cosmopolitan cities.

  • Departures 2024: June 30, July 2 and August 18
  • 10-, 11- and 15-day cruises
  • Roundtrip from Southampton
  • Aboard the Queen Anne
  • Gratuities included

From 1.418€

world cruises

Explore the world in the utmost elegance with Cunard Queens.

One of the most in-demand voyages, which for 2025 and 2026 promises to be an adventure like no other. This incredible cruise, allows passengers to experience everything from iconic cities to iconic landscapes, with options for every taste, from cultural excursions to outdoor adventures.

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