world cruises 2018

Each Queen will begin their journey on Southampton in January to start their unique adventure


dream of every traveler

A World Cruise is the dream of every travel lover...

Sail through the oceans and seas all over the globe: Mediterranean, with fascinating cities as Venice or Estambul; Indic ocean with its exotic Islands; South Pacific and China's Sea will trnasport you to millenial cultures and beautiful places like South East Asia, China, Australia and Polynesia. Cross the Suez and Panama Canals and let yourself get seduced by the warm waters of the Caribbean before starting the Atlantic crossing.

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an unforgettable journey

Queen Mary 2 will travel to the Antipodes and will discover Australia and New Zealand. You will enjoy South East Asia, India and Middle East. Finally you will come back through the Suez Canal.

If you choose Queen Victoria, you will surround South America from the glaciars to the Caribbean through the Panama Canal.

Queen Elizabeth will sail the 7 Seas. It will arrive to New York and then cross the Panama Canal. You will discover the Pacific and its Islands to get to Australia. Japan, China and India will amaze you and you will discover the African Coast on your way home.

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